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LED signs are also referred to as Outdoor message centers, electronic message center (EMC), and digital displays.  LED Signs are computerized programmable electronic visual communication devices. They are capable of storing and displaying multiple messages in dozens of formats and at varying intervals. Similar to reader boards, they allow their owners to change copy frequently, but without the cost of replacing missing or broken letters, and without the physical labor involved in changing copy. Unlike the traditional reader boards, the message on an LED Sign can easily be changed throughout the day or week to suit the demographics of the people passing by. This allows the business owner to advertise specials, display public service information, or provide other items of public interest in a manner quickly and easily read by those passing by at any given time. Consequently, the effectiveness of an electronic message center is not limited by the space or surface area constraints that hamper business communication on reader boards
LED displays produce great results. Greyline Signs, Inc. puts the power of all-digital technology, crystal clear images and virtually unlimited file format and display possibilities - even video - to work for any business or organization. See how an LED Sign display installed by Greyline Signs, Inc. can turn heads and turn profits for your business!

Greyline # 2 Digital Canalside 1:16 copy
St. Francis ledScotch & Sirlion LED sign
Greyline # 1 Digital Canalside 1:16 copy